Special Screening 5: School of Life


What is School of Life?

Wonky Films/01:28/United Kingdom

5 min. With Alain de Botton

05:30/United Kingdom

Cultural Mining

Wednesday Collective/02:48/United Kingdom

A Country We Could Feel Proud of

Mike Brookes/06:13/United Kingdom

Pop Culture- When and Why We Cry in Films?

Mad Adam Films/03:40/United Kingdom

I Am Going to Die

Josh Saunders/04:39/United Kingdom

Feeling Grateful for Small Things

James Carbutt/02:55/United Kingdom

How to Process Your Emotions

Vale Productions/03:24/United Kingdom

Love Me for Who I Really Am

Josh Saunders/03:37/United Kingdom

How to Stop Being a People Pleaser

Marcie La Certe/05:31/United Kingdom

Being a Good Listener

Zedem Media/04:57/United Kingdom

On Feeling Melancholy

Hannah Jacobs, Lara Lee/03:01/United Kingdom

What Is Your Attachment Style?

Julia Machowska/06:38/United Kingdom

The Dangers of Thinking too Much and Thinking too Little

Campbell Hartley/05:30/United Kingdom

Why We Sometimes Don’t Feel In the Moment’?

Deanca Rensyta Mihardja/04:40/United Kingdom

The Challenge of Eating Alone In Public

Mike Booth/05:58/United Kingdom

The Problem of Shame

Nina Cosford/05:43/United Kingdom

Study with Us

Mad Adam Films/01:00/United Kingdom